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CAPE CARTERET, N.C. (WNCT) -This flood damage is the problem neighbors have to deal with. 

Several inches of rain caused drainage pipes to back up. 

Neighbors are left with large pools of water surrounding their homes. 

  “We haven’t been able to leave our house for a day and a half now. They just started pumping the water out. Our neighbors got three feet of water in their garage, and in both of their vehicles,” said Daniel Reynolds, a neighbor. 

“We had standing water in the basement of our houses since Tuesday or Wednesday. It just kept rising. It wasn’t so much that it was rising, it wasn’t going down,” said Bret, Bolding, a neighbor.

Neighbors began checking in on each other, making sure they’re ok. 

“I was communicating with neighbors on Facebook getting to know them. It’s weird living close to people and not knowing them. It stinks that something like this has to happen to take place,” Reynolds said. 

Cape Carteret has set up water pumps to help drain some of the water. 

“They didn’t get pumps out here until that evening because there were higher priorities where other roads were washed out. They were on it until late last night and obviously back out here this morning,” Bolding said.  

Neighbors say drainage issues are not a new problem. 

“It’s very frustrating because we’ve been telling the town for months that water backs up and it’s been backed up beside our houses. There’s an easement that goes between my house and the neighbor’s house,” said Bolding.  

Bret Bolding says flooding like this is something he’s only seen from hurricane storms. 

“It’s pretty much the same for Florence, only that was a hurricane. This was a week worth’s of rain,” he added.  

Neighbors hope to move past this, and that this problem can be resolved soon. 

 “I hope they come to some kind of long-term solution. It seems like we’ve gotten more water on the street than we did with Florence even.” Reynolds said. 

“The damage is kind of done for myself and my neighbors so, just trying to recover at this point,” said Bolding.  

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