GREENE COUNTY, N.C. (WNCT) 9 On Your Side spoke with customers of the internet provider Centurylink.

Many people in Greene County have taken to social media saying they have little or no internet connection.

And, it has been happening for over 6 months.

Rural areas like Greene County, don’t always have the greatest wide-band internet, but in a time where students are learning remotely, and many people are still working from home, reliable internet is a must.

Kami Smith, is a parent and teacher in Greene County, who says her daughter is struggling with school work right now because she doesn’t have access to the internet every day.

Smith says, despite Centurylink spending over a month fixing and repairing the wires connected to their home, the problem still hasn’t been fixed.

Smith’s family says they are still having to disconnect and reconnect their router at least twice a day.

Deputy Fire Chief of BullHead Fire Department, Josh Harrell, says it has become a huge problem at the fire station.

They are required by law to submit fire reports by a certain time frame, and slow and unreliable internet is making it harder for them to make those deadlines.

Deputy Chief Harrell says they have tried contacting Centurylink many times before.

You either never make it to a customer service representative, or they tell you the same thing every time.

To reboot your router to fix the issue.

Harrell says this is only a temporary fix.

When 9 On Your Side tried to reach out to Centurylink, we ran into similar problems.

We repeatedly reached out over a span of two days to give Centurylink a chance to comment.

I waited on hold for more than two hours. When I eventually talked to an employee, I was told I would be transferred to management.

Instead, I was disconnected.