Online Originals: Christina Woodruff’s story

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It’s a day she thought would never come. 

“It’s a dream I never thought would happen,” said Christina.

But she has defied all the odds. 

“I never thought I would enter high school, but I entered it and let alone I’m graduating,” said Christina.

Christina Woodruff was born at 29 weeks with cerebral palsy.  

“It’s when a synapse in your brain doesn’t connect with the rest of your body,” said Woodruff.

And tomorrow she’s graduating from DH Conley High School. 

Doctors said she’d never walk. Never go to school. Never live a normal life. 

“She wasn’t rolling or doing the things that she needed to be doing but when they told me she wouldn’t walk I said she will walk,” said Carrie. She didn’t walk until she was three. It hurts a lot to watch other kids doing things that your child isn’t doing but the delay does not mean denial.” 

But Christina worked hard to overcome her challenges. 

“I have quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy,” said Woodruff.

To get to where she is today. 

And part of the reason she’s here.  

“I want to thank my mom,” said Woodruff.

Is because of her mom.

“For pushing me every day,” said Woodruff.

And her entire support system.

“I want to say thank you,” said Woodruff. Thank you, everyone. To all the supporters out there who make things possible.” 

“I thrive on things that are seemingly impossible, but then you get the results,” said Carrie.

And as for graduation day, the pair couldn’t be more excited. 

“I feel amazing,” said Woodruff.

“It’s a great feeling,” said Carrie. I really can’t describe to you the joy she brings me.” 


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