Online Originals: Digital Devices and Driving Aren’t a Good Mix

Online Originals

Phones can be distracting and when it comes to the rules of the road, just how much danger are these devices putting drivers in?

400,000. That’s around the number of distracted car accident injuries that happen each year according to the national highway traffic safety administration. 3,000 of car accidents result in deaths.

Distracted drivers have been an annoyance for years, and with social media and cell phones consuming our lives, it’s no wonder that they’re at the top of the list for driving distractions.

Research conducted by Hardison and Cochran Attorneys at Law found over 16 million drivers have admitted to using social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat while operating a moving vehicle, many of which, are in their teens.

After speaking with many local drivers, it’s pretty clear that their message is to keep your eyes on the road and to put the distracting devices down.

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