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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – We’re used to seeing stores run low on many common staples, ranging from meat to cleaning products to toilet paper, but an expert says stores and shoppers will see changes in supply and demand with more parts of the economy reopening.

East Carolina University professor Dr. Jon Kirchoff says the coronavirus has up-ended the supply chain.

 “We have big changes in demand as we’ve seen in this pandemic. We’ve had shifts in where food is going to schools, and the schools shut down and flexibility is tough when you’re a supplier,” said Dr. Jon Kirchoff, associate professor at East Carolina University, College of Business.

 The economy’s reopening creates mysteries for the retailer and the companies that make and distributes the products they sell.

“They’re going to try to restock their grocery stores but they don’t know what people are going to buy right now; because that demand has all shifted,” said Kirchoff.

 Kirchoff tells 9OYS that the coming weeks could things start to normalize.

 “I would say the summer, that’s the latest. I was hoping May that the people would start realizing that the supply chain is moving normally,” said Kirchoff.

For now, mornings may be the best time to look for needed items like paper products and food. 

That’s when you can find what retailers have been able to restock and get onto their shelves.

 “Most of them will either get it late the night before stocking up so really if you’re trying to find something go in the morning,” Kirchoff added.

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