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H.B. Sugg and Sam D. Bundy elementary schools in Farmville are giving students the opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time, during the second annual STEM Summer Camp.

STEM Camp teacher Gabrielle Lamb says students enjoy a variety of activities designed to help them learn.

“They just have any activities having to do with STEM, and we also throw art and literacy in there as well.”

4th Grader Callie Mitchell said, “Everything is fun and you’re doing stuff you wouldn’t do in a normal class.”

Egg parachutes and Mentos in the Coke bottle are just a few of the experiments.

3rd Grader Terry Speller said the STEM Summer Camp allowed him to be creative.

“We made sculptures, anything we wanted to, out of popsicle sticks and creation sets. I made a house. I tried to make a cube but it wouldn’t stick together.”

Mitchell added,

“We had to clean out the ocean, like, oil spills. Ms. Cook put oil in there, and grass, and mulch, and a bunch of stuff and feathers. I had to clean off the feathers with oil on them and dirt.”

The goal of the camp is to add enrichment to the students’ summer vacations and prepare them for future jobs in STEM fields.

Mitchell, who wants her future career to focus on helping animals, said, “I want to be a veterinarian.”
Lamb said the STEM Camp helps students get a taste of different career fields they can go into when they grow up.

“There are so many careers that are in stem right now and 20 years from now there will be a hundred thousand more so this is just a way to get them interested in some careers that they may possibly be interested in in the future.”

Some students are still deciding on their dream jobs, like Speller, who said he wants a career involving “Youtube… or I want to be a preacher.”

But, the kids participating know mastering STEM Camp objectives will help them excel in the upcoming school year, regardless of their career path.

“Learning them will help me. In third grade, it will help me, because I’ll already know what I should know later.”


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