The Pitt County Fair opened on Tuesday and is celebrating 100 years.

This morning from 9 a.m. to noon, the fair dedicated time for special needs children to come in and enjoy the festivities without the crowds and loud noises.

Several Pitt County teachers brought their classes and the kids enjoyed every minute.

“In our classroom, we have students that don’t get to go out into the public very much because of their diagnosed disabilities,” said Bobbie Cumberworth, teacher of the Autism class at North Pitt High School. “Being able to come to a place where they can just be themselves and relax and take advantage of the things the community has to offer is wonderful for them.”

The kids were able to ride on the rides, wander around the grounds and see a dinosaur exhibit, which Cumberworth says was a very cool experience for the kids.

“They actually got to see a dinosaur being hatched,” said Cumberworth. “And to hold and touch a creature that we talk about but don’t get the experience of being around.”

It was evident from the children’s expressions that they enjoyed their time at the fair, some Cumberworth believes is worth it.

“We grow to love our students so much and we want to see the best for them in all circumstances. One of the things that we want to do is have them experience things that life gives to them. “

Bobbie Cumberworth

The Pitt County Fair runs through Sunday, September 22nd.