Online Originals: Greenville’s ‘A Time for Science’ tribute to Apollo 11 50-year anniversary

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In 1969 the historic Apollo mission successfully took place, and this July 20th will mark its 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Although the takeoff took place on the 16th, it took four days for the United States to reach and be the first humans to touch foot on the moon.

At A Time For Science in Uptown Greenville, summer campers have been using this week to learn about the event that took place half a century ago. 

It’s proven that NASA’s computing systems we’re simpler than a pocket calculator today.

Comparing their computers to an iPhone 6, it could perform instructions 120,000,000 times quicker than that of the Apollo 11 technology.

Even though their use of technology appeared to be simple, it was still enough to bring humans 356,000 km from Earth to the Moon and to bring them back safely.

Camp Counselor Ann McClung recalls what she was doing the very moment Apollo 11 took off.

“I can remember that, sitting on the couch watching our black and white tv. That particular launch and being excited, and how our parents they were just so excited at that time.”

Ann McClung – Camp Councilor

This entire week, NASA is celebrating its 50-year mark with special events at multiple NASA locations throughout us, and these event dates and time can be found online.

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