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Although North Carolina is historically known for the tobacco industry, industrial hemp is slowly making that change.

Wilmington Hemp Farmacy Manager, Gilly Niez, said this is because hemp can be grown at a faster pace on the exact same soil as tobacco and take up less land. 

“North Carolina is still mostly tobacco, but we are seeing a growing percentage of farmers that are willing to go towards the hemp side rather than the tobacco side,” Niez said.

Hemp can be utilized in many ways including clothing, rope, and paper production. 

“The Declaration of Independence, what that’s written on, that’s hemp,” Niez said.

This is an advantage because it would save trees and time. Niez says hemp only takes about 20 weeks to grow versus a tree that takes at least 20 years. 

Ashley Schaffernoth is the manager at Hemp Farmacy in Jacksonville, she said hemp can also help people and pets by lowing inflammation or pain.

“And it can also go in and block those pain receptors, now it doesn’t take the pain completely away, but it makes it bearable enough to get through the day,” Schaffernoth said.

Schaffernoth said hemp has not only helped her customers in Jacksonville with anxiety and PTSD, but it has also been a part of her life for the past few years. 

“Recently I just had my second open-heart surgery in October and was not given very many pain pills to leave, so I ended up using our CBD Hope Carolina broad spectrum, to get through the nights and actually sleep through while my ribs healed back together,” Schaffernoth said.

While hemp has gotten a bad reputation for being categorized alongside Marijuana because they are both parts of the cannabis family, Schaffernoth said the affects aren’t the same, because the THC and CBD levels are different. 

“It’s not something that’s going to be psychoactive. It’s not something that’s going to get you goofy or loopy or high,” Schaffernoth said. “It’s something that’s going to help you get through the day instead of something to alter your mental state.”

Niez said the FDA is currently working to take away hemp edibles, flowers, and vaping products because they contain CBD, so the company is equally working to take action. 

“So we are working on the Grass Root Campaign and also looking for support from the community as a lobbying effort, so that way we can turn around their decision of trying to take away those products, because they do help a wide range of pets and people from the most severe things to the most minor things,” Niez said.


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