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HYDE COUNTY, N.C. (WNCT) – Hyde County is no stranger to storm damage.

When it comes to flooding, the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, or HMGP, is helping locals out.

People whose applications are accepted will receive 100% funding for reducing and/or eliminating flood damage risks to buildings and structures.

Mike Allen Blizzard owns Hyde County’s, Blizzard Welding.

He says the damage from storms greatly impacts people in the area.

“It’s a big deal being right on the coast and all the hurricanes we have every season,” says Blizzard.

“It seems like it’s just getting worse and worse and worse. It’s a pretty major concern.”

Kris Cahoon Noble is Hyde County’s Manager.

She says people are constantly sending in applications for the grant, and right now they’ve received over 200.

A stack of over 200 grant applications.

Even if people don’t qualify or receive the grant they have other options.

“Typically there are lots of different programs that come down the hopper in the form of a notice of fund and availability,” says Noble.

“That could be HMGP. It could be a PD which is pre-disaster mitigation assistance. It could be FMA which is flood mitigation assistance. All of these different grant programs have different criteria.”

Noble says some of these grants based on the number of times homes have flooded, income, and substantial claims against insurance.

The last day to contact the County about the HMGP is Friday, January 24th.

Noble says even if you just bring it up and don’t fill out an application that’s fine.

They just need to know so they can help you in the future.

Noble also urges people who have flood insurance to reach out to their carrier and ask about submitting an ICC claim (Increase Cost of Compliance Coverage Claim).

This can also potentially help people get money to go towards mitigating their homes.

For more questions and information about this grant, contact Hyde County Administrative Assistant Rosemary Johnson at:

  • phone – 252.926.4178
  • email –

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