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At a young age we learn the importance of washing our hands, but what about the everyday items we constantly carry in them?

Physician assistant, Frank Lovato, said it’s just as important to disinfect things like our phones because they also carry bacteria. 

“From coughing to scratching behind your ears, to pulling out your wallet or pulling out your cellphone, you can become exposed,” Lovato said.

Lovato said there are many types of sanitizers that are safe to use on items such as keys, wallets, or cell phones. 

“The ones that are easy to use are the ones you can carry with you,” Lovato said. You can use sprays. You can use lotions. You can use any type of foam, we use the foam outside of every door here.”

Ashley Tijerina is a mother, she said she sanitizes her phone before and after letting her daughter use it to prevent her from getting sick. 

“I sanitize my phone by using some hand sanitizer, sometimes I use wipes and just wipe it down with a paper towel,” Tijerina said. Since I wear makeup, it gets on my phone, and I don’t want it to transfer to her.” 

Lovato recommends that phones be sanitized at least two to three times a day, especially if you eat with your phone at the table regularly. 

“We get exposed to all different types of things from the grocery store to the department store to our own family, and it’s very important to keep your hands clean as well as the items you use all the time,” Lovato said.

Overall, any items you use daily should be cleaned regularly. 

“I would definitely use some type of sanitizer to clean even your eyeglasses,” Lovato said. I use this to clean my glasses every day.”


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