$150 billion.

That’s the amount of money in the human trafficking industry, and it’s right here in North Carolina.

Falling second to drug trades, the trafficking profits by illegally moving people from one place to another.

These victims are often forced into manual or sexual labors.

True Justice International in Eastern North Carolina is working to put a stop to human trafficking.

A True Justice International shirt with their mission “Reach, Rise Up, Restore” underneath.

Originally called The Pearl Ministry, Sarah Tellis founded the organization in 2011 with a mission to “reach, raise up, and restore” victims of trafficking.

In 2017 True Justice opened its first restoration home called Anna’s House. This is a place where human trafficking survivors can work on healing, and it’s all inclusive.

Along with therapy and workshops, the survivors work on projects as well.

The Pearl Project is jewelry made by the survivors.

A painting with The Pearl Project logo, which is jewelry created by True Justice International human trafficking survivors.

100% of the earnings from the project go back into supporting Anna’s House.

Some of the bracelets from The Pearl Project made by survivors.

The survivors who create bracelets, bath scrubs, and more get to keep the money for personal spending.

The jewelry consists of bracelets ranging from $10 to $30 dollars. It’s goal is to also help survivors heal through love and art while they create their pieces.

The organization survivors can’t work during rehabilitation, but these projects keep them busy and help them grow.

Finnegan is a six month old therapy dog in training for the organization. Dogs have been proven to have therapeutic effects on humans.

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and the True Justice Organization is hosting a Freedom Ball at Copper Ridge January 18th, 2020.

The event is a fundraiser gala, and the money goes back into the organization.