Online Originals: Kinston theatre improvements

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The Premiere Theatre 7 in Kinston was forced to make a few renovations to the building after Hurricane Florence left a mark, including repairs to the ceiling, roof, and sign.

One employee said this isn’t the case for all the changes. One change is purely to enhance the theater experience in Kinston.

“We are getting reclining seats and digital signatures, as well as repairing damages from hurricane Florence,” Kedrick Eddlemon, an employee, said.

Eddlemon said he has already tested out the new seats.

“When you walk in and you sit down, it’s just you and the movie and a really nice chair,” Eddlemon said.

With a push of a button, the recliners are sure to make customers feel like they’ve got the best seat in town.

“Nothing more, nothing less, just a good experience overall to watch the movie here,” Eddlemon said.

The theater expects to showcase the new seats on June 11th for their reopening day.


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