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There’s growth in Greenville.

“These students are high potential. I see young men who are gonna change the world in the future” said Nathan White, Executive Director of Third Street Academy 

At the Third Street Academy.

The private Christian Academy for boy’s grades Kindergarten through 4th grade.

Third-grader, Nicholas Coggins, is one of more than 40 young boys who attend the school.

And he really likes it.

“I like that I have the best class the best teacher the best activities the best snacks the best lunch the best staff members,” said Nicholas Coggins, Student at Third Street Academy.

These dynamic and full of life boys or little gentlemen as they are called study and learn more than your core subjects.

They also focus on character development and spiritual formation.

Always keeping Christ in the center which something that’s always being poured into them.

“Start with students where they are at and help them grow from there. Rather than push them through. We want to help them grow” said, White

Nicholas has attended Third Street since Kindergarten and has made huge strides in his behavior and personal development while at the academy.

“I’ve been more mature I haven’t been that silly,” said Nicholas

That growth — his mother Brittany Coggins who also works at the school has seen first-hand.

“Developed into his own person and like also feeling some of the impact as well he’s grown defiantly grown and developed into a completely into a different person,” said Brittany Coggins, Nicholas’s mom and employee of Third Street Academy.

Coggins credits the Christ-focused atmosphere for her son beginning to reach his highest potential at such a young age.

“I think the Christian environment we provide where he knows he is always loved no matter what,” said White.

Every day these little gentlemen recite a creed reminding them that they are made in God’s image and to be gentlemen to all people.

“I want them to make an impact I want them to grow up and be followers of Jesus I want them to impact the world in a positive way cause just to do the right thing but because they know what the right thing is and they want to love others the way Jesus loves them” said Beth Hinson, the Principal of Third Street Academy. 

Families pay for their students to attend but the school depends on volunteers and the community to help out… Which includes reading to the students, providing lunch and assisting teachers in the classroom.

It takes a village.

“One thing I like is the volunteers,” said, White

All hands on deck.

And the partners we have we couldn’t do what we are doing without people begin a part of what we’re doing” Said White

Nicholas says kids should give the school a try…

“I would say hey you should go to Third Street its pretty good you should give it a try can’t say you don’t like something if you haven’t tried it,” said Nicholas.

The Academy is holding an event on May 19, 2019, to help continue its mission.

Well, known author and TV Host, Bob Garner will be joining the academy for their ‘Dinner on the Grounds’ event.

The school says this is a celebration of unity within the community centered on restoration and redemption that will highlight Third Street’s vision to seen generations transformed through the power of the gospel.

Tickets are $50 person and will include a full Eastern North Carolina barbecue dinner, live music, and silent auction.

This is open to the public.

For tickets and more information visit  


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