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A Headache Freedom Center has recently expanded into Eastern North Carolina.

Originating in Pennsylvania, their clinics are also in Texas, Ohio, Maine, and Florida.

The clinics use non-pharmaceutical approaches to help headache sufferers. In some cases blood work is taken, to further investigate the problem.

A chiropractic bed used in treating patients.

“This is unfortunately a very under-served population where these folks are just not getting the help they need with their chronic health problems.”

– Dr. Robert McCarthy, Chiropractor

If the labs show signs of a specific issue, then the clinic targets said issue with lifestyle, supplements, and nutrition changes.

Targeting and making changes in a person’s lifestyle and diet are key treatment methods within the clinic.
Dr. McCarthy says people rely on pain-relieving drugs too often instead of dealing with the underlying problem.

Treatment focuses on people with headaches and migraines, however, it also works with people suffering from depression, PMS and PMDD, IBD, and more.

It’s been proven that 36 million people struggle with migraines in the United States. The Headache Center’s website explains that every person’s pain is different, so the treatments won’t all be the same.

The Center’s goal is to have some form of relief between four and five weeks of treatment, and dramatic pain relief by 10 weeks.

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