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Ocracoke residents are still feeling the aftermath from Hurricane Dorian.

Debris lines the streets of the island, a feeding station is in place and volunteers, first responders and construction workers are doing everything they can to restore the island and keep the residents’ spirits up.

Currently, no restaurants or gas stations are open.

For the time being, supplies for the residents are being housed at the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire station. They can take what they need.

Food items, toiletries, baby items, pet food, water bottles, and many other things are available for residents to pick up.

Ivey Belch, Ocracoke Disaster Relief

Ivey Belch is the Commodities Distribution Director for Ocracoke Disaster Relief. He says the donations have been a huge help, but certain things are needed. He said Rubbermaid totes are the most needed item at the moment.

“Seems like something small, but so people can have dry storage to take what they have out of their homes because we don’t have a tremendous amount of dry storage on the island,” said Belch. “We’ve probably gone through about 1,500 of them and I could probably have about 2,000-3,000 more coming in.”

He says power washers, shop vacs, paper towels toilet paper, and mold remover are also needed items.

“Its been overwhelming what people have been doing,” said Belch. “As far as for the families, just to be able to give them, number one, some sense of normalcy and giving them things that they need and also supplementing their needs.”

All the items in the firehouse are from donations.

If you would like to donate, please visit the Ocracoke Disaster Relief Facebook page here or send an email to

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