Online Originals: Pitt County NAACP President compares protest from Civil Rights movement to now

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT)- Calvin Henderson, president of the NAACP’S Pitt County Chapter, was a part of the civil rights movement.

He says the protests happening now in North Carolina and the rest of the country are nothing like the ones he took part in decades ago.

 “We did much more planning, sitting down to the table, laying out a plan of action versus hitting the streets without a plan of action,” said Calvin Henderson, president of Pitt County NAACP.

That plan of action included leadership. Henderson says without that, things could have taken a turn for the worse.

 “I think many times that’s why things become violent because there has not been enough time spent at the table strategizing,” said Henderson.

He believes the same problems present during the Civil Rights movements are still happening today.

 “I don’t see where much has changed when it comes to equality, injustice across this country,” Henderson added.

Henderson believes the calls for equality and justice are being shared faster through social media.

 “It has been great strives, it has been many improvements compared to what we had then and now. Then we had hardly anything,” Henderson said.

Henderson says there’s still a need for people to stand up and protest for what is right so changes can be made.

 “After things quiet down it goes away, no one is saying anything; we have got to change that,” said Henderson.

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