Online Originals: Rising Numbers Aren’t Planning to Retire

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One in four. That is the number of Americans who aren’t planning to retire…EVER.

These shockingly high numbers came from a recent survey, which looked at Americans who want to retire versus those who don’t.

They looked at age, gender, reasons for working, and more.

Although there are many people who do work in their later years because they enjoy their jobs, most reasons involve money.

In June of this year, one in five people who were working or actively looking for a job were ages 65 and older.

This is opposed to the small 6% of Americans who have retired at the ages of 50 and younger.

Other reasons that people are still continuing to work vary from illness and high medical bills, no savings, trying to save money, to student loans.

When questioned on if staying in the work force for life is acceptable, 39% of Americans believe it’s a good thing, 29% said it’s bad, and 30% are indifferent on the matter.

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