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As Greenville continues to prosper and grow as a city, higher living costs are inevitable.

This past month Greenville increased its renters’ cost by .5%, with a year by year increase of 1.7%. However, these high costs aren’t just affecting the city of Greenville. North Carolina rent growth as a whole has gone up by 2.8%, with Cary, NC coming in as the most expensive city statewide with 4.4% rent growth.

Carol Leong, an Aldridge & Southerland realtor in Greenville, gives some tips and tricks to help aspiring renters find affordable homes,

“Be the renter that landlords want to rent to. So, establish a good rental history, and also make sure that your credit score stays high.”

– Carol Leong, Aldridge & Southerland Realtor

Leong also said that finding a trustworthy, kind, and a helpful realtor is key in looking for new homes because they can often show you places that aren’t even on the market yet. The Greenville Housing Authority is another place that has lower income housing options that cater to their clients’ needs.

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