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The fourth of July is just a few days away and the North Carolina Forest Service wants to keep you safe.

Going to see a professional fireworks show is recommended, but if you are using your own fireworks, follow these tips to stay safe:

  • Always use fireworks with adult supervision
  • Follow instructions on fireworks
  • Aim fireworks away from dry vegetation or combustible material
  • Have a water source and a rake/shovel nearby
  • Ensure all burning material is completely extinguished after use

In 2018, 35 wildfires ignited due to fireworks.

Donald Meadows is the District Ranger for the NC Forest Service. He says it’s uncommon for fireworks to cause wildfires, but it still can happen.

“The typical July is high humidity and a lot of moisture in the forest fuels,” said Meadows.

“This year is abnormal. It’s extremely dry forest fuels and extremely high temperatures.”

Donald Meadows, NC Forest Service

Don’t use fireworks such as ground spinners, firecrackers, round spinners, Roman candles, bottle rockets and mortars, which are illegal in North Carolina.

For more about firework safety, click here.

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