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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Pitt County EMS is now using an Automatic Vehicle Locator or AVL.

The system allows dispatchers to see which EMS unit is closest to the emergency. Once they find the closest one, they can then send it out to assist.

“This will truly get the closest unit,” says Pitt County Director of Emergency Management Randy Gentry. “Even if that unit is not in their district, if they’re the closest ambulance or EMS truck they’ll be the one dispatched.”

Pitt County Director of Emergency Management Randy Gentry (left) addresses Pitt County’s Board of Commissioners about the AVL launch.

Gentry says they’ve been working on getting AVL up and running for the last year, with the actual equipment installed the past six months.

The AVL is a GPS device, and it sits on top of the units.

Inside the vehicles, a computer is installed that receives information from dispatchers.

EMS Management worker Nikki Oriani works on a laptop used for the AVL system.

With this, the 911 center can see where the vehicles are, and make assessments of which units to send to emergencies.

Although the equipment wasn’t up and running until January 13th, EMS management has been learning and working with it, to get comfortable.

Tiffany Thompson is an EMS worker, and she said she feels comfortable with the equipment.

“Most definitely excited,” said Thompson. “It’ll serve the community better, it’ll serve us a little bit better, so we don’t have to worry about, ‘Hey are they closer or am I closer by 30 seconds or a minute?’ So it’s definitely a good thing.” 


Pitt County has launched an EMS Automatic Vehicle Locator.

On January 13, Pitt County Emergency Management (PCEM) will officially launch its use of AVL (automatic vehicle locator) technology within the Pitt County 911 system.

Utilizing GPS location, AVL allows for 911 to send the unit closest to an incident based on unit location.

Additionally, this system equips emergency medical vehicles with a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), which allows staff in the field to see live call data from the 911 center, so that they can travel to calls while further reducing unnecessary radio traffic.

Currently, all County EMS units have AVL capability, with MDTs installed in these vehicles. As of January 13, 2020 – 911 will be dispatching EMS units in the County based on their location to an incident.

Citizens outside the city limits of Greenville and in unincorporated areas of the County will now have the benefit of the closest EMS unit being dispatched to their location in the event of a medical emergency.

This system will be announced to the public in a presentation by Pitt County Emergency Management Director, Randy Gentry to the Pitt County Board of Commissioners, during their regular meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, January 13.

The meeting will be held in the Eugene James Auditorium, located on the second floor of the County Administrative Offices, at 1717 West 5th Street in Greenville.

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