NASHVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Ripe Revival pay-what-you-can food bus was set up at Nashville Methodist Church on Aug. 3. There, people could purchase groceries from the bus and learn how to cook a new recipe.

Ripe Revival teamed up with Braswell Family Farms in order to provide eggs to their customers in addition to fresh, North Carolina-grown produce and meats. The organization has four food buses, one of which includes a cooking cart with a stovetop. Each time that bus is set up to receive customers, there will also be a cooking demonstration that includes eggs.

Customers also have the opportunity to collect all of the different recipe cards provided by the bus. The bus includes a different recipe card for each time they set up.

“Our hope is that as we have events consistently every week, in 30 different counties, they take home a different recipe card. And so over the course of the year, they end up developing a recipe book or a Rolodex of recipes,” said Ripe Revival co-founder and CEO Will Kornegay.