Editor’s note: WNCT.com’s limited weekly summer series, called Summer Ventures, is back. It was so successful and received so many positive comments, we decided to have another season of it.

WNCT wants to help families find a way to get out and enjoy the summer without having to spend a lot of money. We’ve come up with some interesting locations you can visit all over Eastern North Carolina, many of which are only a couple of hours’ drive away. So check back each Friday for another place to explore as part of WNCT.com’s Summer Ventures series.


MACCLESFIELD, N.C. (WNCT) – Zebras, kangaroos and llamas, oh my!

It’s A Zoo Life is located at 4313 NC-42 in Macclesfield, NC. Owned by Bobbi Jo Abrams, this interactive zoo allows the public to experience exotic animals right here in Eastern North Carolina.

We’ve been doing the Zoo now about ten years, it’s been really great,” Abrams said.

While the zoo is filled with friendly animals, it is also an educational area. From exotic animals to farm animals, there are plenty to learn more about. They also host camps for kids during the summer as well.

Trained guides will allow the public who enter to see all kinds of animals like a python, monkey, sloth and even chickens. Abrams said that kids also have a chance to ride the camel as well.

“The tours take about two hours to meet all the animals, I bring you in the kangaroo area, you can rub the kangaroos, meet the camel, touch him, there’s lots of exotics that you actually get the chance to have some hands-on experience with,” said Abrams.

In the video, Abrams talks about how the zoo got started and what kinds of animals are available to see.

View the video to find out more.