WINDSOR, N.C. (WNCT) — New tourism initiatives in Bertie County are asking for community feedback with hopes to bring more economic revenue and growth to the area.

The county is looking to promote assets to open new opportunities for expansion while improving the quality of life for residents, and those looking to stay a while.

Officials say there is a lot to do in Bertie County and they just want people to know about them.

“We’ve got kayaking in Bertie on a number of different rivers, and of course the Albermarle Sounds, we’ve got rich Native American history, we’ve got all kinds of agritourism possibilities, Sans Souci Ferry, the treehouses,” says Bertie County Projects Manager Consultant and Travel & Tourism member, Robin Payne. “But when we start to think about down the road, there’s so many business opportunities, cottage industries, municipalities revitalizing themselves. So right now we’re working on a branding effort.”

“We have quite a few staples here in the community. We have Buns BBQ, we have the Bertie County Peanuts sold all over the world. We have a lot of local things that are great, not only for us, but we want people visitors. A lot of people come drive through Bertie, but we want them to come and stay a while, not just drive through. We have kayaks, and treehouses, and just good hometown people.”

Kimberly Cooper, Executive Assistant Superintendent Bertie County Schools outlines the plans: create a logo for the brand with community feedback, produce a travel and tourism master plan, establish a tourism board, create, and then watch the possibilities grow.

It’s all about how Bertie County citizens want to see their county promoted.

“I remember when Bertie was a bustling, hustling, and bustling place to live,” says Bertie County Schools PIO, Janice Ricks, “We had businesses, I’m just looking forward to the future because I know we can have that again.”

Ricks says with more tourism comes more people looking to move to the area, which in turn brings more money that can go towards more county resources, school programs and so much more.

The community survey on will run until the end of September to hear what citizens want to highlight in their community and what they think will draw visitors in.