WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Residents of Washington are likely familiar with an older faded Coke sign visible from the downtown sidewalk.

Artists Amber Thompson and Washington native Samantha Brinson collaborated to make the mural happen. Thompson is the granddaughter of a sign painter who once worked for the Coca-Cola Company. Brinson is a mural artist who spent ten years painting in New York before returning to Washington for good to be with her family.

“Just to restore them from 50 years ago is an honor at this point,” said Brinson.

Brinson said the project took them three days to complete. They painted the sign using original Coke paint, a formula Brinson said is no longer available.

“Coke said they would restore at least one mural in a town, and so they picked this one right in the middle of downtown,” said Brinson.