PLYMOUTH, N.C. (WNCT) Washington Regional Medical Center, formally Washington County Hospital, hosted the changes coming to the facility at its first press conference since re-opening in May under new management.

“This has been no small miracle with hundreds of rural and community hospitals closing or in crisis this year alone”, said Frank Avignone the CEO of Affinity Health Partners the new management company. Our goal is to be different from other rural health care facilities by being proactive and creating outreach to our communities we serve before they become sick or injured.”

The latest wave of troubled hospitals and closures is one of the worst in the history of rural health and that’s why the survival of Washington Regional Medical Center is so unique, officials said.

“You very rarely hear about the success stories and WRMC is definitely one to talk about!” said Melanie Perry current administrator for the facility. We want the public to know we did not only survive where other hospitals have not, we are increasing services and growing new lines that are desperately needed in the region.”

“We’ve obviously renamed the hospital with a new mission and vision. I think that’s probably one of the key things that we’ve done here for the hospital is to provide the staff as well as the community with a mission and vision that makes sense. Not only for rural health care but for health care in general. ”

– Frank Avignone, Chief Executive Officer of Affinity Health Partners

Washington Regional Medical Center is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital located in a health care provider shortage area (HPSA) as well as a medically underserved (MUA) region of eastern North Carolina.

Washington County has a population of 13,723 and is located on the southern shore of the Albemarle Sound.

It encompasses the towns of Plymouth, Roper, and Creswell.

Affinity Health Partners is focused, purpose-built healthcare management and consulting services firm serving rural, critical access hospitals and rural health clinic/FQHC clients.

The company’s mission is to improve the rural health systems performance with the highest value management and advisory services customized to each client’s unique needs.