MACCLESFIELD, N.C. (WNCT) — Susan Rae Robbins and her husband Wayne Robbins opened their wedding venue, The Farmer’s Daughter, on the very grounds where Susan Rae Robbins grew up farming with her family. While looking for reclaimed wood to use in building the venue, they found a little piece of Wayne Robbins’ family history.

They started calling around to see if they could find some old tobacco barns to tear down and reuse the wood inside the venue. After getting in touch with a local farmer, they found some and tore them down.

“We found out that all those barns, Wayne’s great grandaddy built those barns and worked out of ’em. That means this barn, the plans for this barn was in the works like a hundred years ago,” said Susan Rae Robbins. “I feel like the lord knew me and Wayne were gonna be together at this time and we were gonna build this barn.”

While they were inspecting the wood, they found even more evidence that Wayne Robbins’ great-grandad had worked in the barn. One plank had “Robbins” written in cursive running down the center.

That wood is displayed next to the fireplace on the inside of the barn.

“We had no idea. We were just taking down barns cause we just wanted, you know, the wood,” said Susan Rae Robbins.

The Farmer’s Daughter is situated next to a small pond that has been named “Walston Pond.” Susan Rae Robbins’ maiden name is Walston and the land is where she learned to love farming, which she still does with her father in the same area.