GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Bad weather and you can’t get out the house to your favorite coffee shop? And you’re watching what you put in your body? You probably never heard of the name Turkish coffee but yes, it is a thing!

For all the coffee addicts out there … if you enjoy fancy espressos, Turkish coffee is just like that. It’s small in size but a mighty mite that is usually enjoyed in the morning and between noon meals. It’s made with roasted and finely ground beans.

It originates in Middle Eastern and European countries, including Turkey, Iran and Greece. In Palestinian culture, coffee is a symbol of generosity. A common courtesy is to ask guests in your home how they would like their coffee, with or without sugar.

If you enjoy a rich brew, you will love Turkish coffee. Although it’s strong to the taste, it has amazing health benefits for your mental and physical wellness.

Owner of Bateeni Mediterranean Grill, Sharaz Daher says, “Cardamom is a super ingredient that packs a lot of benefits. When mixed in Turkish coffee, it decreases blood pressure, it fights inflammation, and it also enhances your digestive system.”

Although you can get many uses from drinking the coffee, the grinds also have beauty benefits for your skin. If you want to make a homemade mask, just take the coffee grounds and mix it with some olive oil or an egg and leave it on your skin for like 15 minutes. Then when you wash it off, there’s a luxurious glow.

Aseel Daher was taught by her grandmother and in a step-by-step tutorial, she demonstrates the art of making Turkish coffee.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1.) Fountain water

2.) Turkish coffee grind from your local Middle Eastern market or you can find it here.

3.) Turkish coffee pot (Bakraj)

4.) Turkish coffee cups

5.) Sugar for taste (optional)

Of course, the art of making Turkish coffee wouldn’t be complete to serve guests without the full set.

Aseel says, “people usually drink it in smaller cups because of how caffeinated it is.”

There’s plenty of warm hugs in a mug you can make like this right in your kitchen for the not-so-pleasant weather that will make you happy while you’re waiting to get back outside.