KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — After sustaining injuries from being shot in the face with bird shot, Axel, a hound mix, is doing well in his recovery.

After having his lower jaw split in half and undergoing surgery to repair it, he is ready for a loving home. Lenoir County SPCA Rescue Coordinator Tiffinie Jarmin said she believes he must have been shot at very close range.

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“He had to have been shot pretty point blank,” said Jarmin

He will need to continue eating soft foods for a little while longer and go to another vet appointment in three weeks. The hope is that his jaw has healed enough to have the wire removed that is holding it in place.

Jarmin said that Axel is just one of many animal abuse cases that have come through the shelter recently. Lately, there have been more cases than she has ever seen before.

“I can’t speak for every county but in Lenoir County, cruelty to animals is a very prevalent problem,” said Jarmin.

Watch the video for more information about Axel and the impact of neglect and animal cruelty at the Lenoir County SPCA.