The San Antonio Zoo announced the successful hatching of 22 critically endangered Burmese mountain tortoises, releasing pictures and video of the tiny reptiles on August 11.

According to the zoo, the Burmese mountain tortoise, also known as the Asian giant tortoise, is the largest species of tortoise found in mainland Asia, and the fourth-largest species of tortoise found in the world. The species is classified as “critically endangered” due to “various threats, including exploitation by humans for food, medicine, and the pet trade,” the zoo said.

The 22 baby tortoises hatched from two mothers, Large Marge and Scarlet, and have one father, named Colton II.

“This is an exceptional achievement for the San Antonio Zoo, as it marks the first successful hatching of this species within their premises,” the zoo said in a press release.

Credit: San Antonio Zoo via Storyful