Three young Sumatran tiger cubs from Adelaide Zoo recently passed their second health checks with purr-fect results, the zoo said.

In footage which Zoos SA said was shot on February 28, the cubs are seen being checked over by the zoo’s veterinary team and playing with their mother, Delilah.

The cubs, two females and one male, were microchipped, vaccinated, and weighed.

Senior keeper of carnivores Arliah Hayward said the cubs were growing well. “We can tell by their paws, they are going to be impressive tigers! They are growing up quickly and are definitely developing their own little personalities,” she said.

“The little boy loves following Delilah around and playing with her. He is the most vocal of the trio and loves his minced meat,” Hayward said. “His sisters are opposites; one is quieter while the other is very independent and confident!”

The male cub weighed in at 8.7 kg, while his sisters weighed in at 7.5 kg and 7.6 kg respectively, the zoo said.

The cubs are the offspring of Kembali and Delilah, Adelaide Zoo’s two adult Sumatran tigers, and were born on December 21 last year.

The animals will be named through a public competition, the zoo said.

Credit: Zoos SA via Storyful