NORFOLK, N.E. (WNCT) — A man in Norfolk, Nebraska, was pulled over by police on Wednesday, August 30, after he was seen driving a car with an enormous Watusi bull riding in the passenger seat, local news reported.

Lee Meyer was riding down US-257 with his bull, named Howdy Doody, when officers received a call about a car driving with a cow in it, the reports said. “They thought that it was going to be a calf, something small or something that would actually fit inside the vehicle,” Police Captain Chad Reiman told News Channel Nebraska.

The officers performed a traffic stop, let Meyer off with a warning, and asked him to take the bull back home, according to reports.

In 2019, Meyer rode with Howdy Doody during a July 4th parade in Neligh, local news reported.

When Meyer was pulled over on Wednesday, his car door had a sign that read “Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade – Best Car Entry.” It was unclear what year’s rodeo he had participated in.