TURKEY (WNCT) — A dog was pulled alive from the rubble of a destroyed building in Turkey’s Hatay province on February 28, weeks after devastating quakes hit the area, killing tens of thousands.

This footage, from the Turkish animal rights organization HAYTAP, shows rescuers searching through the rubble of a collapsed building for the dog, a husky named locally as Aleks.

Local news outlet Haber Turk cited rescuers as saying the dog was exhausted and had lost weight, but appeared to be in a relatively good condition.

HAYTAP volunteer Osman Polat, who pulled Aleks out of the rubble, told state-run Anadolu Agency, “We found out that the dog was alive after listening to the wreckage. The area was very small, it was left under the wreckage. There was a small hole, just a hole for the dog’s nose … I somehow got to the dog.”

Storyful has not confirmed if the dog was trapped in the rubble on February 6 or entered and became trapped on a later date.