A wildlife park in the UK has confirmed that its sun bear Kyra is not a human in costume, weighing into a debate over a video from a zoo in China, which prompted speculation over whether their sun bear was real, or a human in a bear suit.

Paradise Wildlife Park, based in Hertfordshire, England, posted video of one of their sun bears, Kyra, standing on its hind legs.

“Sun bears, whilst looking human when they stand, actually have the natural behavior of standing on their hind feet for a greater view of their surroundings or smell far-off objects; they also try to intimidate their enemies by displaying the chest patch if threatened,” the park said.

After the video of a bear standing on its hind legs in China was widely shared, the zoo at the center of the debate denied the accusations, posting a comment from the perspective of the bear.

Credit: Paradise Wildlife Park via Storyful