Fires burned on the streets of Paris, France, as protests against pension reform continued on Monday, April 17, with local news reporting that at least 11 people had been arrested in the city.

Footage from Thomas Rannou shows the scenes in Paris on Monday, with crowds banging pots and pans and chanting, and fires blazing in overturned bins.

In a televised speech broadcast two days after France’s constitutional approval of the pension and retirement plan, French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged the public’s disapproval, and invited trade unions and employers’ organizations to discuss the issues with him.

In the broadcast, Macron announced a 100-day plan to address public concerns.

“I heard in the demonstrations an opposition to the pension reform but also a desire to find meaning in one’s work, to improve the conditions, to have careers that allow one to progress in life,” Macron tweeted following the broadcast.

“We have before us, all together, 100 days of ambition and action in the service of France,” he said.

Credit: Thomas Rannou via Storyful