Residents in Bois-d’Amont, near the Swiss border in southeast France’s Jura region, were shocked to see a wolf hunt in their own back yard recently.

The video, dated to April 29 by the European Predation Map, shows four wolves in pursuit of a deer. No kill is seen, but the carcass of a deer was later found locally, according to France 3, who cited the group Defend the Wolf.

France 3 said the national biodiversity office, OFB, had examined the video, and concluded it “testifies to the fact that the wolves present in the Franco-Swiss zone hunt large deer”.

France’s growing wolf population has often pitted conservationists against farmers. However, Fabrice Monnet, of Defend the Wolf, told France 3 the attack was nothing to worry about. “We are in a place where there are wolves, we have to get used to it,” Monnet said.

Patrice Raydelet, of the conservation group Pole Grands Predateurs, said, “Wolves will seek prey where it is. There is nothing extraordinary, tragic. It’s nature.”

Credit: European Predation Map via Storyful