Israeli airstrikes destroyed a 14-story residential building in Gaza following a Hamas attack on southern Israel on October 7, WAFA reported.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said the building housed “offices of several units and formations in the terrorist organization Hamas that are used to direct terrorism, including the infrastructure of the intelligence headquarters, the production headquarters, and offices of senior members of the Hamas leadership.”

According to the IDF, dozens of fighter jets targeted 17 military compounds and four Hamas headquarters throughout Gaza. The IDF said approximately 2,200 rockets had been fired into Israel from Gaza.

Israel’s emergency services organization, Magen David Adom, said that as of 3:30 pm approximately 40 people had been killed in the attack, dubbed the “Battle of al Aqsa Flood” by Hamas forces. Earlier Magen David Adom said it had treated “hundreds of further victims.”

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported at least 232 deaths in Gaza as of 9:17 pm local time on Saturday.

Credit: Mohammed Dahlan via Storyful