Two London creatives who spent a Sunday afternoon in March creating a viral “Big Bean” have been blown away by its reach, one creator told Storyful.

Pictures and video shared by @tomplusdylan, the creative team at London advertising agency The Or, shows how the pair spent a Sunday creating the viral sensation.

The Big Bean, as named by its creators, was made by mashing and shaping a can of Heinz baked beans.

“There’s no real reason why we made Big Bean, apart from ‘why not?’”, Tom told Storyful, “We just thought, how can we elevate an already iconic British dish? It’s just a bit of fun really, and we never expected it to be as popular as it was.”

The Big Bean soon went viral, with Heinz itself commenting on Twitter to say: “Yeah… that’s enough Internet for one day.”

“Slowly seeing the headlines roll in was a bit surreal. Some of them were hilarious. Then seeing it make its way into America was mad. Who knew a big bean could touch so many people,” Tom said.

Credit: @tomplusdylan via Storyful