An owl stuck hanging from a tree after getting caught in a fishing lure was saved by staff at Clear Lake State Park near Kelseyville, northern California, during Labor Day weekend in early September.

This footage of the rescue was captured by Rachel Medel Cabalse and posted on her blog called “This Mommy Needs Some Coffee.” Cabalse said her and her family were packing up, getting ready to leave their campsite when their friend “heard something fluttering behind the tree and saw the poor owl stuck in a tree.”

After Cabalse alerted staff, two parks officers, Wendy and Travis, arrived at the scene and immediately stepped into action, Cabalse said.

The park workers took a boat to reach the owl and used a long pole and a “extendable saw and pruner” to cut through the fishing line, said Cabalse. “After a few minutes trying to cut the wire, the owl fell right into Travis’ sweater! Best of all, after carefully taking the wire off his wing and claw, the owl was still able to fly!” she said.

Speaking to Storyful, Cabalse described the rescue as “inspirational” and said Wendy and Travis were “real-life heroes” to her children.

California State Parks reposted Cabalse’s video on September 14 and praised their Wendy and Travis for their “compassion and heroism.”

Credit: @thismommyneedssomecoffee via Storyful