LONG ISLAND (WNCT) — The Smashing Pumpkins held an “underwater” concert as the pit became flooded with up to a foot of water due to an unusually high tide during their performance at the Jones Beach Theatre in Long Island on Wednesday, August 30, local news reported.

The footage, shared by user @DevilsJointYT, showed the flooded pit area of the theater while Interpol was performing its support act. However, that wasn’t the sole exceptional aspect of the concert, as a rare super blue moon illuminated the sky.

User @Gruossome, another concert-goer, wrote: “Smashing Pumpkins concert underwater.” Another fan, @Eggveal_, said: “In case you ever go to Jones Beach and get pit… bring water shoes.”

The New York State Parks Department closed several beaches for swimming on Long Island because of dangerous rip currents on Wednesday, August 30, according to official reports.

Credit: @DevilsJointYT via Storyful