A cat rescued from earthquake-hit Turkey is “enjoying life” with his adoptive family in Virginia Beach, Virginia, PETA said in a March 26 media release.

The animal rights group said the cat, Pisa, was rescued by PETA fieldworker Alex Cutshall while he was working with animals affected by the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey last month.

Cutshall “found the cat in a dilapidated building that tilted just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa,” according to PETA, which is how the feline got his name.

With no way of locating his family, PETA cleared Pisa for travel to the United States where he now lives with Cutshall and his family.

“Pisa was so scared when we first found him, surrounded by crumbling buildings, his world in pieces, and with nothing to eat. There was no question he had to come home with me,” Cutshall told PETA. “Today, our whole family is showing Pisa he’s safe and loved, and he’s enjoying life, from cuddling with the kids to playing with our two dogs and even bringing energy back to our elderly cat.”

The earthquakes in southern Turkey and northwestern Syria killed over 50,000 people and left thousands of families homeless.

Credit: PETA via Storyful