Zookeepers at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas celebrated the recent birth of a Francois’ langur, also known as a Francois’ leaf monkey, footage captured on Tuesday, April 25, shows.

The video, posted on the zoo’s Twitter page, shows the baby monkey, who was born on April 14, holding onto its mother on Tuesday. The zoo said the baby was born to parents Ravalina and Chay.

François’ langurs, which are native to China and Vietnam, are classified as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the zoo said, and called the birth a “big win” for the species.

“Like all newborn langurs, this little one will cling tightly to its mother’s belly for the first few weeks of life, gradually becoming more independent as it grows,” the zoo wrote.

“Francois’ langurs are born with bright orange fur, helping troop members keep track of their babies in the dense forest canopy where they live. As the baby grows, its fur will gradually change to the adult black and white coloring,” the zoo said.

A name was not yet chosen for the newborn, the zoo told Storyful on Tuesday.

Credit: San Antonio Zoo via Storyful