A wildlife park in the UK has welcomed a “surprise” litter of giant otter pups, making it home to the most giant otters “in a single zoo or wildlife park globally,” the Yorkshire Wildlife Park said.

The giant otter, a native of South America, is listed as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The triplets were born on March 27 to parents Alexandra and Orimar and were their second litter in the space of 18 months, the park said.

“Giant otters don’t always breed easily and every birth is a significant and valuable one for the breeding programme,” Aquatics Team Leader Kelsie Wood said in a statement.

“Alexandra is very relaxed this time; you can see she is an experienced mother,” Wood said.

“Meanwhile, Bonita, the eldest sibling, is taking charge of the last litter of triplets born in February last year so that Alex can concentrate on the new cubs. It is a real family effort,” she added.

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park via Storyful