PINELLAS PARK, F.L. (WNCT) — An immobilized Tesla caught fire and was destroyed by flames in Pinellas Park, Florida, on August 31, local reports said.

Video filmed by James McLynas shows the remains of the destroyed vehicle being towed away at the intersection of 65th Way and Park Blvd on Thursday.

“Hurricane flooded Tesla Bursts into flames while being towed to the storage lot. Driver picked up the flood damaged Tesla from a storm damaged home and was towing it back when it burst into flames. Driver stopped on a street and quickly off loaded the burning car to save his truck. (that’s why there are burnt tow dollies under it). When the fire department arrived, they put it out, but it kept reigniting. After several attempts to put it out, they just let it burn out. This was all that was left,” McLynas wrote in his post on YouTube.

According to reports citing the Pinellas Park Fire Department, firefighters said they suspected salt water may have caused the ignition.

No injuries were reported.

The incident occurred in the wake of Hurricane Idalia, which made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane near Horseshoe Beach, Florida, on Wednesday.