VICTORIA (WNCT) — A trio of 10-week-old lion cubs at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria have been given their names after an online poll.

The two males and one female were born to mom Nilo and dad Sheru on June 4, Zoos Victoria said.

The names were chosen through an online poll with more than 360,000 votes.

Werribee keeper Ben Gulli said the cubs’ names were chosen from languages used in the areas of Africa where the lions live in the wild.

“The name Mwezi – meaning moon in Swahili – has been given to one of the male cubs because the litter was born during the evening of a full moon. The name Kianga – meaning sunshine in Swahili – has been given to the female cub because she’s very bright and picks things up really quickly. The name Jango – meaning brave in Xhosa – has been given to the second male cub because he’s extremely confident in exploring on his own,“ Gulli said.

Gulli said the cubs were continuing to grow in size and confidence.

African lions are classed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.