UKRAINE (WNCT) — Ukrainian dogs displaced by the June destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam and affected by the war have been rescued and reunited with their families by local shelters and charities with international support.

Animal charity Nova Ukraine, which has been provided funding by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), works with local shelters in the war-torn country to rescue as many as animals as possible, the IFAW said.

Animal Rescue Kharkiv helped save dogs in southern Ukraine after the dam was partially destroyed and flooded villages and towns on the Dnipro River in June.

Many of the dogs have been reunited with their owners, some who have left the country, or are safe with other families, the charity said.

In the east, where heavy fighting has continued since Russia’s full-scale invasion, the Hatul Madan Shelter has created spaces for small dogs and puppies, as well as cats, and has saved dogs left behind by their fleeing families or provided emergency care for animals injured or traumatized by the war, IFAW said.

Credit: IFAW, Nova Ukraine, Animal Rescue Kharkiv, Hatul Madan Shelter via Storyful