Doctors say we can’t relax our safety guidelines even though people are getting vaccinated


Martin County, North Carolina (WNCT) Health professionals want people to stay vigilant about COVID even as more people get coronavirus vaccinations. They say precautions are necessary even if you’ve got the shot.

Vaccines are important medications to build up your immune system to fight a particular virus. In this case, it’s COVID-19. Martin County doctors tell 9 On Your Side COVID vaccines offer good protection but not 100% protection.

“The vaccine overall will defiantly stop this pandemic including the other things. The vaccine doesn’t work alone. We can’t forget about hand cleaning, masking, and social distancing,” Dr. Harsh Chawla, Martin General Hospital.

They say if you do come into contact with COVID after getting your shots the impacts should be minor. Doctors believe the shots are no excuse for easing precautions. They’re still learning whether vaccinated people can still transmit COVID and about new variants of the virus.

“You can’t let your guard down so fast. There are talks that later by this fall they may have a booster in place for the variants. For now, we can’t afford to let this pandemic continue,” said Dr. Chawla.

Doctors suggest people even those who’ve been vaccinated to wear high-quality masks or even double-mask. They say you should ask questions about the virus and the shots and you can direct them to your doctor or another medical professional.

As for people about to get their COVID shots, doctors say normal side effects include arm soreness and fatigue. In fact, they call those good signs the vaccine is working.

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