Locals react to grocery store changes during pandemic



The pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things, like grocery shopping.

As of April 13th, Governor Roy Cooper said grocery stores must limit the amount of people in their stores during the pandemic.

The new order is in addition to the continued practice of social distancing in public places like grocery stores.

Some stores are also now requesting and/or requiring shoppers wear face masks.

This is in effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, many grocery shoppers want to get in and get out when it comes to getting what they need.

To many, this new rule only slows things down.

“Well, they have marketed off everything so there is a certain distance that each person can stand. Which is ok…at times…but when you’re really trying to get in and out it can be aggravating,” said grocery shopper Valerie Tyson.

Tyson is used to getting what she needs, using the self check out, and leaving.

Now, people must practice social distancing while shopping.

Tyson says although it makes things more difficult to get what people need at the store, it does help keep people healthy.

“As long as I can stay healthy, I’m going to stay healthy,” said Tyson.

As of now, many grocery stores plan on keeping these set of rules until further notice.

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