Working from home amid the coronavirus outbreak? Here’s how to keep company data safe


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Working from home may become more common as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, but you need to make sure to keep your productivity high while safeguarding your company’s data.

As the concerns about COVID-19 interfering with business continue to grow, companies are not going to require people to be chained to their desks — instead, they want them to work remotely from home.

When your office is your work environment, there are often systems in place to keep your data safe but what happens if you work from home?

“There’s nothing worse than keeping the human flu out but letting computer flu in,” said Rob Downs, the CEO  of Managed IT Solutions of Raleigh.

If you run a small company, don’t let your employees use their own devices to work remotely.

“They should be using a company asset that the company has control over to make sure it’s patched and updated with anti-virus software on it and has other forms of protection they have at the company,” he said.

Communication with the company while at home should be via a VPN—a virtual private network because all communications are encrypted.

“The biggest thing making sure you have safeguards so that not anyone can log in,” said Downs.

In order to be as productive from home as you are at work, you need to set guidelines for yourself. 

  • Create a defined workspace (preferably physically separated from the rest of your home)
  • Maintain normal business hours (if you work 9-5 make sure you work those hours at home)
  • Don’t let outside phone calls or your spouse interrupt you
  • Take your normal lunch break at your normal time ( this will increase productivity by giving you a mental break)

    And if you’re the boss—here’s how to tell if employees working from home are getting the job done…

    “They have an assignment and you know how long it normally should take,” said Downs. “You know if they are hitting that mark. If so—things are fine.”
    Already, NASA’s Ames Research Center and Biogen have implemented work from home rules.

    In Morrisville, Jaggaer has posted on its website that its COVID-19 emergency plan is now in effect—but customers shouldn’t notice any disruption in service. 

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