Lawsuit against Gov. Cooper pushing for business like gyms to reopen



A lawsuit is being filed against Governor Roy Cooper that could reopen all businesses inside of North Carolina’s Phase 2.

North Carolina House of Representatives Republican Keith Kidwell is behind the organization of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is pushing to reopen health and fitness centers, dance studios, karate schools, and more.

As of now, these kinds of businesses aren’t set to open to the public until sometime in June.

Kidwell feels it’s our unalienable right to keep businesses open.

“The North Carolina Supreme Court has already said, the government doesn’t have the authority to lock down businesses,” said Kidwell.

If these businesses do reopen early, Kidwell believes they’ll be smart.

 “They’re all going to use common sense to make sure that they keep themselves and their clientele safe,” said Kidwell.

Kidwell believes that health and fitness centers are essential for certain people, providing services that some can’t get at home.

“People with high blood pressure go there, because exercise lowers their blood pressure. People who have had amputations or injuries of some sorts go in there to rejuvenate those. They are not just some vein place for people to build up muscles and look pretty. These health spas are for people who need rehab services,” said Kidwell.

Once the lawsuit is turned in, Kidwell expects the results to take around 48 hours. Kidwell also feels this will result in the reopening of all North Carolina businesses.

“When the court rules they’re going to rule that businesses have the right to be reopen,” said Kidwell.

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